5th Match Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders 10 April Live

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Indian Premier League, 5th match: Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders at Chennai, Apr 10, 2018

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12.15am That’s all the action from Chepauk, but hope you haven’t chewed all your nails just yet as we have two mouth-watering Champions League clashes coming your way. Can Manchester City overturn a 3-0 deficit against Liverpool? Will Messi get on the scoresheet against Roma? Head right over to ESPN.in and find out. For now, it’s goodbye from ESPNcricinfo. Hope you enjoyed this high-scoring thriller. This is Sreshth Shah signing off – adios!

12.05 am James Faulkner and Deep Dasgupta look back on this absolute thriller in Matchday Runorder. Watch on our homepage or on Facebook

12.03am, April 11, 2018. Time for the presentation. Here’s the winning captain MS Dhoni. Says: “It feels good, to come back after two years and win. The crowd deserved the first innings, the second innings. Everybody has their own emotion levels, but in the dugout, we like to keep faith in our batsmen or bowler in a particular time. Positive energy helps. My pulse rises too – and that’s why we have a dressing room. I express myself in the dressing room but not in the dugout. If you’re too expressive in the field, then commentators get a lot of things to talk about. It’s good to see Sam bat the way he batted. Yes, we did go for runs, and Kolkata did bat well. Bowlers from both sides had a rough time, but I’m sure the crowd enjoyed.”

Sam Billings is the Man of the Match for his match-winning 23-ball 56. “It was a pleasure to play in a team of legends – with Raina, Dhoni and Harbhajan,” says Billings. “Mike Hussey’s batting coach as well, so need to learn as much as I can from these guys. We keep options in our head, but you have to keep three different plans in place. We showed in the first game (Bravo’s blitz), that if you take the game deep, then it’s never really lost. Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja in the middle-order are big hitters. We knew no target is out of reach with this batting team.”

Kiran Nawathe : “Just one word… “Everyday you can’t be Bravo, some days you need to be Sir”.. ”

11.56pm Chris Lynn consoles Vinay Kumar as the CSK players run in to congratulate Jadeja and Bravo. KKR are distraught, but whaddya expect? It’s not everyday that 202 is a losing total in the IPL. The teams shake their hands, but Knight Riders know they missed a trick after posting a 200-plus score. Once again, the team batting second wins… when will this streak end?

Dinesh Karthik, the losing captain, says: “Look, CSK had great support and we were expecting that. Hats off to them. Frustrating not to defend 202, but well done to Andre. These things happen in T20 cricket, so you’ve got to keep your chin up and move on. Basically, you need to know that you’ll lose some games, so it’s important to take the positives and not repeat our mistakes.”

Shane Watson collects the purple cap for most wickets. He says: “We had to start off quick because of of the total KKR had put up. No question that the fans here are great. Too see the passion that CSK fans have has blown me away. The chase was strategic, but also a do-or-die. Got to home the mis-hits go your way sometimes. It was important to bring the required run-rate down early. My game’s continued to evolve, but just to have an opportunity at this stage of this career….I’m very fortunate.”

Kunal: “That no ball was a very close call by the umpire. Poor ball by Vinay, but not a no ball in my eyes.”

Deep: “My heart sank when Vinay got the ball .. he is the definition of useless T20 commodity – no pace to harry batsmen, no nous with swing or seam to trouble quality batsmen on flat track, conventional action, and absolutely melts under pressure. ”

19.5 6 Vinay Kumar to Jadeja over long on! And CSK complete another heist. Full on middle stump, but Jadeja gets his front foot out of the way to smack this over Vinay’s head. In the slot to be punished, and Jadeja does exactly that. It lands in the second tier and with that the CSK boys come running out! The hosts win by five wickets SIX

CSK need four off two balls. Fans are praying, so is Shahrukh Khan, I think. Chris Lynn’s having a chat with Vinay Kumar. Big ball coming up…

19.4 1 Vinay Kumar to Bravo full and wide outside off. Bravo drags his shot to long on this time. No chance of a double 1 run
19.3 1 Vinay Kumar to Jadeja good length on off stump, and Jadeja carves this to point for a quick single. Gets Bravo back on strike 1 run

Rangika Munawee: “DK himself could have bowled better”

19.3 1 Vinay Kumar to Jadeja full and slow outside off, but that’s too wide! Jadeja lets it go as the umpire stretches his arms 1 wide

over the wicket

19.2 1 Vinay Kumar to Bravo short on middle, and Bravo pulls this square to cow corner. It’s in the air, but falls short of the man at cow corner. Bravo wanted the second, but Jadeja chooses not to come back. DJ’s not happy! 1 run
19.1 2 Vinay Kumar to Bravo full and wide outside off, but that’s been smacked over long on’s head. Taken in the deep, but that’s a free hit, so he’s safe! Bravo comes back for the second 2 runs
19.1 (no Vinay Kumar to Bravo waist-high full toss on leg stump, and Bravo simply swings through to the leg side. It’s taken a leading edge, but has enough behind that for the ball to go beyond the fine-leg boundary! Perfect way for CSK to start the over. Free hit as well (no ball) SIX

around the wicket to DJ

End of Over 19 186 runs This Over (10 runs)

Bravo will take strike, but who will bowl the final over? Surely, DK won’t go to Vinay Kumar, will he? Shahrukh Khan looks nervous, but so do all the CSK fans. OK, it’s confirmed. Vinay Kumar to bowl.

18.6 1 Curran to Bravo yorker on leg stump, and all Bravo can do is flick it off his toes to deep midwicket. CSK need 17 off the final over 1 run

Bravo to face the last ball of the 19th. Important ball from Curran coming up…

18.5 1 Curran to Jadeja short on middle, and Jadeja cuts it to Chawla at point. Diving effort stops the ball, and ensures they can only take the single 1 run

RG: “KKR should bowl Rana for the 20th over!”

Big roar as Bravo walks out. CSK need 19 off eight balls

18.4 W Curran to Billings holes out to long off! Full outside off, but slightly slower this time. Billings is through his shot too early, and that comes off the blade’s toe end. Billings walks back but not before keeping CSK alive in this match OUT
SW Billings c Uthappa b Curran 56 (23b 2×4 5×6) SR: 243.47

CSK need 19 off nine balls now

18.3 6 Curran to Billings half-tracker on middle, and Billings pulls it away over midwicket! Slight bend of the knee to keep his eyes on the ball, and then sent over the boundary with ease SIX
18.2 1 Curran to Jadeja good length on off, and that’s been tapped to backward point. Jadeja scampers across to the other end, but more important, gives the strike back to Billings 1 run

tense faces in both dugouts…

18.1 1 Curran to Billings smart bowling, but Billings will get to his fifty. Full and wide outside off, and the batsman is forced to drag a sweep towards the leg side 1 run

End of Over 18 176 runs This Over (15 runs)

CSK need 27 off 12 – a big over coming up.

17.6 0 Russell to Jadeja full and fast outside off. Jadeja can’t make any connection. A useful dot to end Russell’s spell no run
17.5 1 Russell to Billings short outside off, and Billings pings this over square leg this time. Drags his shot to Kuldeep at deep backward square 1 run
17.4 6 Russell to Billings back of a length on leg stump, but Billings was expecting that very length! Uses his bottom hand to flat-bat it over long on. Enough connection to take it beyond the boundary. Two terrific shots from Billings SIX
17.3 6 Russell to Billings ridiculous! Low full toss on middle stump, but Billings shuffles across to the off side. Gets to the other side and then paddles this over fine leg SIX
17.2 1 Russell to Jadeja short on leg stump. Jadeja tries to swivel, but can’t pull effectively. Played to deep backward square 1 run
17.1 1 Russell to Billings short on middle stump, but Billings makes room on the leg side. Can only punch it down the ground to long off though 1 run

Russell to bowl out

End of Over 17 161 runs This Over (9 runs)

16.6 1 Chawla to Billings full on leg stump, and pushed to wide long on. Curran cleans up, but Billings will keep strike 1 run
16.5 4 Chawla to Billings flat and full outside off, but Billings is quick to spot the length. Goes down on one knee, and bunts it towards the leg side. Manages to play it between deep midwicket and wide long on FOUR
16.4 1 Chawla to Jadeja good length on leg stump, and it’s a quicker ball to welcome Jadeja! Hits his front leg, but would’ve probably gone down the leg side. Jadeja wanted the run, though, but he’s quickly asked to go back 1 run
16.3 W Chawla to Dhoni Dhoni walks! Good length outside off, and the ball stays slightly low. Tries to cut square but the ball goes under his bat. Takes a feather edge, and DK collects like a boss! They don’t even bother appealing since the CSK captain starts to walk. Fair-play points, please! OUT
MS Dhoni c †Karthik b Chawla 25 (28b 1×4 1×6) SR: 89.28
16.3 1 Chawla to Dhoni flat on leg stump, and goes down the leg side. Extras 1 wide
16.2 1 Chawla to Billings flat and quick outside off. 114kph, in fact. Billings came down the ground and tried to slog it towards the leg side, but takes the inside edge to short fine leg instead 1 run

Amogh: “@ Abhinav dude, you also know its not biased. MS has been playing slow for a long time now. For VK it was an odd innings. I have been an MSDian for a long time. but lets not be blind.”

16.1 1 Chawla to Dhoni overpitched wide outside off. Dhoni muscles this down the ground to long on for only a single. Billings wants a second, but MSD sends him back 1 run

CSK need 51 off 24. The game’s poised on a knife’s edge here. Chawla now

End of Over 16 152 runs This Over (7 runs)

Chandar: “@Abhik, Dhoni’s innings are not to win games. They are to build partnerships and take the game as close as possible. Someone else has to play the match winning innings. But doesn’t mean these anchor innings are useless”

AG: “@Sreshth – you seem to be a Stats man doing the commentary job! Who is throwing the nos at you?” — our stats team, of course! They’re not called Statsgurus for nothing.

15.6 2 Narine to Billings full on middle stump, and once again whipped to the leg side with soft hands. Uthappa’s late to attack the ball, which therefore allows them to take another double. Time out 2 runs

Abhinav: “Day before yesterday, Kohli also played at a strike rate less than that of 100,but no one called him “not a T20 material. #Biased”

Adeel: “Dhoni is like Misbah of Pakistan. He achieved so much for India but still face criticism all the time…..CSK is going to win if MS stayed till the end…. Hands down…. ”

15.5 1 Narine to Dhoni good length on off stump, but Dhoni gives it a charge again. Tries to flick towards the leg side, but comes off his thigh guard 1 leg bye
15.4 0 Narine to Dhoni flat on off stump. It’s overpitched so Dhoni’s cramped for space too. Defended towards the off side no run
15.3 1 Narine to Billings short on off stump, and spinning across Billings. Flat-batted down the ground to long on 1 run

5th Match Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders 10 April Live

5th Match Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders 10 April Live

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