3rd Match Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 8 April Live

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Indian Premier League, 3rd match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Kolkata, Apr 8, 2018

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11.38pm Clinical from Kolkata Knight Riders. They first kept RCB to a total that was about 10 runs below par, then they came out and aced their chase, led by Sunil Narine’s stunning fifty, the joint fourth-fastest in IPL history. There were cameos right through that innings, Dinesh Karthik and Nitish Rana made nice contributions to carry KKR home on a favourable chasing ground.

RCB have not started very well, their bowlers were taken apart by KKR’s batsmen right through. They’ll find a way to fight back soon.

That’s all the action from the IPL, but head over to ESPN.in to stay up to date with the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. India’s gold rush continued on Sunday, including a historic gold medal from the women’s table tennis team.

Presentation time.

Sunil Narine is the Man of the Match: “It’s good to get the ball rolling right away. I wouldn’t see myself as an opening batsman. That’s the role I get to play, if I get out the first ball, it’s okay.”

Dinesh Karthik: “Good to get off to a good start. If AB and Kohli went till the end, it would have been tough, but we got lucky. We all play for the crowd. Love to play for a team like this and a crowd like this.”

Virat Kohli: “We were 15 short with the bat, myself included. I played too many dot balls. Me and AB getting out in two balls to a part-timer was game changing as well. We made a good game out of it. Quite a few positives. Difficult for the spinners to bowl on.”

18.5 4 Khejroliya to Vinay Kumar Vinay Kumar finishes the match with a swat through mid-on to put Kolkata Knight Riders on the board, toppling KKR with a four-wicket win at the Eden Gardens. FOUR
18.4 1 Khejroliya to Karthik a short slower ball down leg, helped along to fine leg 1 run
18.3 1 Khejroliya to Vinay Kumar back of a length down leg, clipped to square leg for a run 1 run
18.3 1 Khejroliya to Vinay Kumar 133 kph, short down leg, that’s wide. Waaaaay over the batsman’s head. Shouldn’t that have been a no-ball? 1 wide
18.2 1 Khejroliya to Karthik that’s the first bouncer of the over, or should be! On middle and leg, pulled down to fine leg for a run. 1 run
18.1 1 Khejroliya to Vinay Kumar short and wide outside off, carved away to deep cover. Sundar runs in, and juggles the catch but puts it down. That should have been taken 1 run

Vinay Kumar. 9 to win off 12.

End of Over 18 168 runs This Over (6 runs)

17.6 0 Woakes to Karthik full and wide outside off, the ball bounces over Karthik’s drive. no run
17.5 4 Woakes to Karthik digs it in short again. Karthik is waiting for that and pulls through midwicket for four. Shot. FOUR
17.4 W Woakes to Russell Russell holes out! A slower delivery outside off, just inside the tramline. Clears his front leg, and skews the ball off the outside half towards long-off. AB runs back and to his right from mid-off. McCullum runs in from long-on. McCullum will never let the ball go. Nor will AB. They almost collide. But AB takes a good catch eventually. OUT
AD Russell c de Villiers b Woakes 15 (11b 2×4 1×6) SR: 136.36
17.3 0 Woakes to Russell a slower ball outside off, Russell is through the shot too early, toe-ends the ball back to the bowler. no run
17.3 1 Woakes to Russell called A WIDE! AND ONE BOUNCER! A short delivery on off, loops over Russell’s head. 1 wide
17.2 0 Woakes to Russell short and wide, Russell backs away, then goes back into the line. But the ball is well executed, just inside the tramline. no run
17.1 1 Woakes to Karthik back of a length around middle, worked to square leg. Clever from Karthik. 1 run

15 off 18

End of Over 17 162 runs This Over (15 runs)

16.6 6 Yadav to Russell DRE RUSS! In the slot from Umesh and Russell goes over long-on. In his wheelhouse, he clears his front leg and makes room for that shot. And then executes, way over long-on. Terrific shot. SIX
16.5 4 Yadav to Russell full delivery around middle and leg, Russell backs away and chips the ball over mid-off. FOUR
16.4 0 Yadav to Russell ANOTHER BOUNCER! Just under the shoulder, deems the square leg umpire. It’s another short delivery that hurries Russell through the shot. Beaten no run
16.3 0 Yadav to Russell excellently bowled. That has to be one bouncer for the over? IT IS. The first one I’ve seen today. Follows Russell, just beaten no run
16.3 1 Yadav to Russell short delivery down leg, 126 kph, slips down leg, called a wide. 1 wide
16.2 0 Yadav to Russell another short delivery, this is under the shoulder though. Russell misses an upper cut. no run
16.1 4 Yadav to Russell Dre Russ clears his front leg and swats the ball over mid-on. Disdainful, Dre Russ-type heave. FOUR

30 off 24. RCB not out of this. But there should have been at least two no-balls on account of two bouncers per over, and two free hits and therefore the game done.

But on we go. Umesh is back.

End of Over 16 147 runs This Over (6 runs)


15.6 1 Woakes to Russell full and wide outside off, 140 kph. Russell clears his front leg and smashes the ball to deep cover. 1 run
15.5 0 Woakes to Russell full outside off, pushed away to cover. His feet are nowhere. no run

Anyway, here’s Dre Russ

15.4 W Woakes to Singh the third bouncer of the over? It’s short again, goes past Rinku’s pull again. Kohli thinks there is a definite edge on the pull. So he chooses to review. That is definitely at least the second bouncer of the over? RCB keep bowling bouncers and keep getting away with it, not their fault if the umpires are not calling them, obviously. Replays indicate there is an edge on that, so Rinku will have to go. He should have got at least one no-ball this over, though. I’ve not seen a single one-bouncer signal from an umpire today. OUT
RK Singh c †de Kock b Woakes 6 (6b 1×4 0x6) SR: 100.00
15.3 0 Woakes to Singh another bouncer! Short on middle and leg, through Rinku’s pull. Should that have been the second bouncer of the over? no run
15.3 1 Woakes to Singh well bowled. Full and wide outside off, the ball angles away, but it is inside the tramline. Called a wide. Another wrong call from the umpire. 1 wide
15.2 0 Woakes to Singh a good short ball, around middle and leg. The ball is just over the shoulder. Left alone. no run
15.1 4 Woakes to Singh Rinku backs away and toe-ends the ball over mid-on. Gave himself some room and went boom. Off the toe end so the ball trickles into the boundary. FOUR

End of Over 15 141 runs This Over (10 runs)

37 now to win off 30 balls

14.6 1 Washington Sundar to Singh quick on the pads, nudged down to fine leg fore one. 1 run
14.5 1 Washington Sundar to Karthik slow outside off, Karthik opens the bat face and guides the ball to point for one. An under-rated shot, using the face to hit the ball square on the off side. 1 run
14.4 1 Washington Sundar to Singh flat on middle, a thick inside edge to square leg for one. almost went through. 1 run

3rd Match Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 8 April Live

3rd Match Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 8 April Live

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