2nd Match Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab 8th April Live

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Indian Premier League, 2nd match: Kings XI Punjab v Delhi Daredevils at Mohali, Apr 8, 2018

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Meanwhile at Eden Gardens, Kolkata Knight Riders opt to bowl against RCB. Dive in right here.

For years, I’ve been branded a Test cricketer. It’s good for me to be up there, creating history and breaking records. Hope to continue this way.”
Man of the Match KL Rahul on changing perceptions

7.25pm R Ashwin starts his captaincy career on a high. This has been a walk in the park for Kings XI Punjab. The only passage where they struggled was when Yuvraj failed to connect, but they were able to ride that passage as it came on the back of KL Rahul’s half-century, the fastest in IPL history. Yes, you may argue they could’ve looked to finish this off much earlier to boost their net run rate, but this is just the first game and they’ll gleefully take those two points now. Amid the cheers for Rahul’s fifty, may it not be forgotten that Mujeeb Zadran had a stellar debut to pick three wickets and restrict them.

Delhi captain Gautam Gambhir: We got a decent total, but the first six overs took the game away from us. Credit to the bowlers to take it till the 19th over, I thought that was a tremendous effort. Once the ball got old, it was hard to clear the fence. 166 was a competitive total.

“The start Rahul got blew them away,” says Karun Nair , who also started his tournament in sparkling fashion. “The crowd turnout to set up the opening game was amazing. Hope to see more of this.

18.5 1 Boult to Stoinis backs away and carves this over extra cover. Those are the winning runs. Kings XI open their campaign with an emphatic win. 1 run
18.4 4 Boult to Stoinis smashed back. Sitting up for him to belt and he did just that. No chance for long off even though the ball was just a few yards away. Packs a punch when he belts them FOUR
18.3 1 Boult to Miller full and straight outside off, Miller looking to make room and carve it behind point but has to reach out as he drives to sweeper cover. 1 run
18.2 1 Boult to Stoinis drills this slower ball down to long on 1 run
18.1 1 Boult to Miller belts this full toss on middle to deep square leg 1 run
18.1 (no Boult to Stoinis yorker length on middle, squeezed to long on. No-ball because Delhi had only three fielders inside the ring. Time for a free hit (no ball) 1 run

End of Over 18 157 runs This Over (5 runs)

17.6 2 Morris to Miller drags this pull from outside off towards deep square leg 2 runs
17.5 1 Morris to Stoinis whips this length ball on middle to deep midwicket 1 run
17.4 1 Morris to Miller works this length ball on middle and leg to deep square leg 1 run
17.3 1 Morris to Stoinis lofted but on the bounce to long on. Stoinis grimaces because he didn’t get any power behind that 1 run
17.2 0 Morris to Stoinis looks to work this square of the wicket, but is beaten by delivery that comes back in to hit him on the pad no run
17.1 0 Morris to Stoinis swung and a miss. This cut back in, kept low and just missed the stumps by a whisker no run

End of Over 17 152 runs This Over (11 runs)

16.6 3 Tewatia to Stoinis dabbed past the slip fielder, Iyer comes around from deep point to cut that off 3 runs
16.5 4 Tewatia to Stoinis backs away and lofts this cleanly into the gap at deep cover. Used the width superbly. Poor from Tewatia, too short. FOUR
16.4 0 Tewatia to Stoinis fired down leg as he sees the batsman looking to play a reverse sweep, misses. no run
16.3 1 Tewatia to Miller plays a delicate dab to short third man for a quick single 1 run

Asif Akbar: “Punjab should have focused on getting good +NRR with this match, they won’t have such starts throughout the season.”

16.2 1 Tewatia to Stoinis steps out and whips this from outside off towards deep midwicket 1 run
16.1 2 Tewatia to Stoinis gets outside the line of the stumps and paddles this down to fine leg 2 runs

End of Over 16 141 runs This Over (9 runs)

15.6 1 Christian to Stoinis right into the blockhole, squeezed to long on 1 run
15.5 2 Christian to Stoinis drilled back down the ground, long-off comes around to cut that off. Shows the full face of the bat to hit this back, wow it just flew off the blade. 2 runs

Time for a strategy break. Can Daredevils regroup?

15.4 W Christian to Nair this time he picks the man out at deep midwicket. Another short ball outside off, Nair pulls, hits it very well but found Boult, who did superbly well to move low to his right to take this catch. Look of disbelief on his face as he walks off. OUT
KK Nair c Boult b Christian 50 (33b 5×4 2×6) SR: 151.51
15.3 0 Christian to Nair squeezes this yorker back to the bowler. no run
15.2 6 Christian to Nair swung away to clear wide long on. That’s a 31-ball half-century for Nair. Too short, he picked the length early and walloped this into the stands. Comes against the franchise that let him go too. Takes his helmet off and points to the crest. Top knock. Now to finish this off. SIX
15.1 0 Christian to Nair slips this down leg, Nair looks to help this past short fine but can’t lay bat to it. Rolls to the fielder there off the thigh pad. no run

End of Over 15 132 runs This Over (6 runs)

14.6 2 Mishra to Miller waits for the turn on this googly as he works it to deep midwicket. This was on the shorter side, so Miller had enough time to adjust and play it off the backfoot 2 runs
14.5 2 Mishra to Miller works this full delivery into the gap at deep midwicket 2 runs
14.4 1 Mishra to Nair too full on the pads, flicked to deep midwicket. Excellent work by Boult 1 run
14.3 0 Mishra to Nair drags this sweep from outside off to short fine. This was fired full outside off by Mishra. Pressure building? no run
14.2 1 Mishra to Miller gets a good stride forward and smothers the turn as he works this to deep square. This was another googly 1 run
14.1 0 Mishra to Miller deceived by the googly, leading edge to cover as he looks to work this to the leg side no run

2nd Match Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab 8th April Live

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