10th Match Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 April Live

Indian Premier League, 10th match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Kolkata, Apr 14, 2018

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over 19 139 runs This Over (13 runs)

12.45am That’s all from the Saturday double-header. Wins for Delhi and Hyderabad now make the points table look very interesting. We’ll be back tomorrow at 3 pm, for another double-header day. Till then, enjoy the rest of your evening, and for all our friends in West Bengal and Bangladesh, Happy Bengali New Year! This is Sreshth Shah, signing off, and I hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo’s coverage of the IPL. Bye now.

12.30am KKR’s seamers went for 79 in 7 overs. Their spinners went for 60 in 12. That is the story. They fought, and made Sunrisers sweat, but Kane Williamson’s composed knock of 50 was just too classy. The chase needed one anchor, and he was the man to provide that tonight. Sunrisers go top of the table once again while Knight Riders are left with many unanswered questions. Take nothing away from Shakib’s knock of 27. He chipped in with the ball as well on a day when Rashid Khan went wicketless. Sunil Narine was excellent with the ball too, but his 2-17 did not find support from the other bowlers. Second-straight loss for Knight Riders. Time for the presentation.

Billy Stanlake is the Man of the Match for his 2 for 21. He says: “It’s nice to get out there and take a few wickets. My job is simple, to bowl quick and be aggressive. The bounce was tennis-balley, and the wickets of Rana and Russell were only thanks to two great catches. Think I should buy Manish some beers after this.”

Kane Williamson: “Obviously nice to win three in a row, and this surface required some adapting, but the real highlight was our fielding tonight. Bowlers have executed their skills really well, but we know every game is tough, so look to continue doing that. There wasn’t a lot of turn, and Kolkata are a strong team but it was nice to go over the line in this city.”

Dinesh Karthik: “We want our batting order to have some novelty. We sent Narine in because they were using a left-arm spinner that time. I was thinking 160-170 would be a good target, but didn’t happen. Sunrisers have some good bowlers, and on a given day you have to gauge who isn’t bowling well and then go after him. We’ll have to turnaround quickly.”

Dhawan, the orange cap holder: “We win our third game on the trot, and enjoying the winning streak. From last year’s IPL, I’ve chosen to play aggressive. Whether David (Warner) is here or not, I’ll play aggressive. I’m not gonna hold back. Things have been changing for more than year now. Just trying to enjoy the journey, and mistakes are part of the process. I’m a big believer in process so just want to keep everything going as it is.”

Yatrik: “This game was lost due to captaincy failure. At first place, there was no need to change successful opening pair. Second, not sending Gill at 3 and Third not trying Mavi in powerplay. An unknown bowler at the start of an inning is always a threat.. This is the lose of Karthik as captain not of KKR!”

18.6 6 Russell to Pathan ends with a six! Short on off, and Yusuf pulls it away. Top-edged, but enough power behind the big man to take it over the boundary behind square. Sunrisers Hyderabad win in Kolkata for the first time ever! SIX

Shashwat: “This IPL will surely create a record of similar ppst match presentations- “We were 15 runs short””

18.5 1 Russell to Hooda good length just outside off. Hooda walks across to the off side, and flicks to midwicket. Calls for the run early 1 run
18.4 1 Russell to Pathan yorker just outside off. Dug away towards the leg side for a quick single. Sunrisers need seven off eight 1 run
18.3 4 Russell to Pathan good length on off, and that’s been punched off the back foot. Lynn’s at cover, but the ball just goes over his head. Pathan’s lucky but he’ll take the boundary FOUR

Sunrisers need 12 off 10 balls

18.2 1 Russell to Hooda overpitched wide outside off, and that’s been slashed hard to deep point. Only a single 1 run
18.1 0 Russell to Hooda good length outside off, and Hooda misses the pull shot. The ball sneaks under his bat and through to DK no run

End of Over 18 126 runs This Over (8 runs)

17.6 2 Johnson to Pathan good length on off Yusuf punches it past cover for a couple. Sunrisers need 13 off 12 balls 2 runs
17.5 4 Johnson to Pathan full on off, and Yusuf takes a step forward and bangs this through the cover-region. Wide long off tries chasing behind it, but it’s just too well hit FOUR
17.5 1 Johnson to Pathan short on leg stump, and Yusuf chooses to let it go through. Good call, as the umpire calls it a wide 1 wide
17.4 0 Johnson to Pathan back of a length on leg stump. Tapped off the back foot to midwicket and Russell collects no run
17.3 0 Johnson to Pathan full on off stump, and Yusuf brings out the front-foot defense no run
17.2 W Johnson to Williamson full on leg stump, and KW clips it off his pads, but straight to Russell at square leg. Soft dismissal! Big groan from Williamson as he sees Russell complete the catch OUT
KS Williamson c Russell b Johnson 50 (44b 4×4 1×6) SR: 113.63
17.1 1 Johnson to Hooda full on off, and he mistimes a leg-side slog to deep backward square 1 run

End of Over 17 118 runs This Over (4 runs)

darpan: “KKR should think about the next 3 year and not just this year IPL. They should try to create a best team out of it by giving enough chances for these under 19 players. They might not be as effective in this IPL, but can be absolute lethal weapon in upcoming IPL if nurtured well.”

16.6 1 Narine to Hooda full on off, but Hooda comes dancing down the wicket. Pushes to wide long on to see Narine’s spell off 1 run
16.5 1 Narine to Williamson good length just outside off. Spins away from KW, but manages to punch to long off. His fifty as well! 1 run
16.4 1 Narine to Hooda good length outside off, and Hooda cuts it square to the man in the deep 1 run
16.3 0 Narine to Hooda full on off, and fended back to Narine no run
16.2 0 Narine to Hooda good length outside off, but spinning away from him. Opens his bat’s face and turns it down to third man no run
16.1 1 Narine to Williamson good length, just outside off. Punched off the back foot to long off 1 run

End of Over 16 114 runs This Over (2 runs)

Shashwat: “Don’t forget Mavi has still gone at a lesser rate than Mitch and Russel!”

15.6 0 Chawla to Hooda overpitched outside off, and the new man fails to squeeze it away. Hits his back leg, but where did it hit his leg? Impact outside off, so the batsman should be safe. Apparently, there was an inside edge as well no run
15.5 W Chawla to Shakib Al Hasan breaks leg stump! Good length on leg, but Shakib’s caught in two minds. Chooses to defend eventually, but the ball sneaks through between bat and pad. This game’s not over yet, folks! But for now…it’s the time out OUT
Shakib Al Hasan b Chawla 27 (21b 2×4 1×6) SR: 128.57

Chawla went for ten runs in his first over. He might go for exactly that much in his final three, depending on how this last ball goes.

15.4 0 Chawla to Shakib Al Hasan good length on off, but spinning away from Shakib. Tries to cut but the extra bounce takes it over his bat no run
15.3 0 Chawla to Shakib Al Hasan full on off stump, and Shakib fends it off the front foot no run
15.2 1 Chawla to Williamson full on off stump, and Williamson bunts it to long on for another run 1 run
15.1 1 Chawla to Shakib Al Hasan full on leg stump. Shakib shimmies down the wicket and drives it down to long on 1 run

Niladri: “What KKR are missing are two things : 1. a pace attack that is good at something. Either speed (big Billy) or accuracy (BK, Bumrah etc.) KKR semaers are neither here nor there and other teams will know they can always play out Kuldeep/Narain for the semaers 2. A Manish Panday/ Surya Kumar in the middle. The batting lacks steadying effect”

End of Over 15 112 runs This Over (10 runs)

Sheik: “@Kapil.. at the moment DK is doing a great job than Rohit and Kohli. Pls stop biased opinions. Mind it DK has just taken the captaincy, may be he will be a great captain soon like his batting skills.”

14.6 1 Shivam Mavi to Shakib Al Hasan good length on middle stump, and he helps the pull to fine leg to keep the strike 1 run

Aumkar Waykar: “All the criticism of DK’s leadership seems fair. You pick up an under 19 batting sensation and send him at 7 behind a bowler… Pick up another under 19 strike bowler for what!!! These under 19 surely won’t be inspired after today’s game. Gauti picked Manish Pandey and gave him chance till he succeeded for him. That’s leadership!!!”

14.5 1 Shivam Mavi to Williamson good length outside off, and KW’s cut takes the inside edge. Almost chopped on, but hits his pads. They take off for the single, and Mavi hits the stumps at the striker’s end. Shakib’s safe, though 1 run
14.4 0 Shivam Mavi to Williamson good length, but wide outside off. Tries to cut but misses no run
14.3 6 Shivam Mavi to Williamson good length on middle, and KW uses the pace to help this over fine leg! Gets his front leg out of the way and then pulls it over the square-leg umpire’s head SIX

Reetam: “Good to see a young Indian bowler with a fm beside his name. Not to many have that.”

14.2 1 Shivam Mavi to Shakib Al Hasan good length on middle, and angling into his body. Mistimes the pull, and trickles down to fine leg 1 run

around the wicket

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