6th Match Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils 11 April Live

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Indian Premier League, 6th match: Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils at Jaipur, Apr 11, 2018

Rajasthan Royals 153/5

17.5 Overs

Delhi Daredevils 60/4

6.0 Overs

Rajasthan Royals won by 10 runs (D/L method)

6 4 W 2 1 1 W 0 4 1 4 1 2 0 W 1 2 2 4 6 4 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1
Batsman R B S.R
Rishabh Pant (lhb) 20 14 142.85
Chris Morris (rhb) * 17 7 242.85
Bowller O M R W Econ
Ben Laughlin (rfm) 2.0 0 20 2 10.00
Jaydev Unadkat (rfm) 2.0 0 24 1 12.00

Ball by Ball Live Score

End of Over 6 60 runs This Over (14 runs)

12.45pm That’s all we have in game 6 of the 2018 IPL, from a rainy Jaipur. Rajasthan have a win, Delhi don’t. More IPL tomorrow, join us then.

12.31am It’s not very loud in Jaipur, but Rajasthan are on the board. They successfully, and very clinically, defend 71 to beat the Delhi Daredevils for the seventh consecutive time in the IPL.

A few more minutes of rain may have meant this match would have been washed out, but not to be. We managed to get in a six-over game, with a 71-run target for Delhi. They could never get anything going right from the outset. Ben Laughlin was the best bowler for Rajasthan, culling the game with a match-changing 10 balls. That leaves Delhi to still get a win in this year’s IPL.

Sanju Samson is the Man of the Match: “Feels amazing, we wanted a win at our home ground. It’s about the preparation, we had four team camps.”

Ajinkya Rahane: “Good way to start at home. We thought 71 was difficult to chase, focussing on things we could control. When we were batting, we thought 165 to 170 would be good. T20 is all about starting from zero, whether we win or lose.”

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Gautam Gambhir: “It was a beautiful wicket to bat on. One of the flattest wickets. Thought if we could contain them to 170, we had a good chance. We had to go from ball 1. There are hardly any balls, difficult for our batsmen.”

5.6 6 Laughlin to Morris a six to finish! Another swervy slower delivery outside off, Morris stands in his crease and smashes the ball over long-on for six. Rajasthan enjoy their hoemcoming too, beating the Delhi Daredevils by 10 runs SIX
5.5 4 Laughlin to Morris full and wide outside off, smashed over cover for four. But doesn’t do much to the crowd or Delhi’s mood. FOUR
5.4 W Laughlin to Shankar takes the catch! A slower ball on leg, Shankar bunts the ball away again to long-on. Stokes runs in and takes a simple catch to seal Delhi’s fate. A match-changing 10 balls from Laughlin. OUT
V Shankar c Stokes b Laughlin 3 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
5.3 2 Laughlin to Shankar full outside off, chipped away over cover. Wild cheers from the Rajastahn crowd because they’ve won this game without any extras in the next three balls. 2 runs
5.2 1 Laughlin to Morris smashed on the helmet! This is a terrific delivery again. Doesn’t bother with the slower ball, goes short and fast and accurate. Morris can’t connect with a pull, the ball pings him on the helmet. 1 leg bye

24 off 5 for Delhi. Morris on strike.

5.1 1 Laughlin to Shankar a length delivery outside off is swung away to deep midwicket, it shapes away again. 1 run

Right then, 25 off 6! Laughlin to bowl. 24 runs will take us to a Super Over.

End of Over 5 46 runs This Over (10 runs)

4.6 W Unadkat to Pant that’s very, very high and taken by Gowtham! A slower delivery is right in the slot, he would not want it anywhere else? It’s on the pads too. Pant swings too early again and hits the ball in the air, backward square leg runs in and takes the catch, a very good, smart, hold-your-composure catch. OUT
RR Pant c Gowtham b Unadkat 20 (14b 3×4 0x6) SR: 142.85

Delhi need a boundary!

4.5 0 Unadkat to Pant was that required? Gambhir ain’t happy with the shot selection. A full delivery on the pads. Pant looks for a switch hit, because third man is up. But the ball goes past and hits Pant on the pad. no run

25 off 8. Mid-off comes up, always dangerous.

4.4 4 Unadkat to Pant 116 kph. A slower delivery down leg, Pant pulls that, but gets the ball behind square for a boundary. Over fine leg. He’s too early through the shot, but he won’t care. Four. FOUR
4.3 1 Unadkat to Morris well executed from Rajasthan, good from Rahane and Unadkat. A low full toss very wide outside off if sliced away to that deep backward point fielder. 1 run

3 runs a ball now. Tension! Rahane is chatting with his bowler. Changes are being made to the field.

4.2 4 Unadkat to Morris well played, four. Again, the wide yorker. Morris slices the ball through backward point for four. Third man is up, point is back, which is why he bowled that line. FOUR

Guruprasad D: “35 off 12. Bring in DK now!”

4.1 1 Unadkat to Pant a nice, slower delivery on middle and leg. Pant swings to deep midwicket, the ball goes very high but lobs in no-man’s land. 1 run

35 off 12! 34 for a Super Over. Unadkat to bowl.

End of Over 4 36 runs This Over (7 runs)

3.6 2 Laughlin to Morris that’s a match-changing over. Just seven off it. A full, wide delivery outside off, sliced through backward point for two. 2 runs
3.5 0 Laughlin to Morris again, the slower floaty away-going delivery, beats Morris’ drive. DOT! no run

37 off 14 now. Very hard, under any conditions.

3.4 W Laughlin to Maxwell the slower one, 113 kph, the ball pitches and swerves away. Maxwell backs away and swings himself off his feet almost. Some floaty, swervy bowling, maybe the knuckle ball? A thick outside edge is easily taken by Buttler. This has been a terrific over from Laughlin. OUT
GJ Maxwell c †Buttler b Laughlin 17 (12b 2×4 1×6) SR: 141.66
3.3 1 Laughlin to Pant an excellent yorker, on off. Jammed away to cover. Superb delivery by Laughlin, three very good balls, but five runs easily made. 1 run
3.2 2 Laughlin to Pant Laughlin’s trademark slower ball. The offcutter. Full delivery outside off, Pant throws everything he has at the ball. The ball goes reallllly high, long-on runs in towards the 30-yard circle but the ball pops out. Tripathi the fielder. Three fielders converging. Dropped! 2 runs

40 now, off 17.

3.1 2 Laughlin to Pant a low full toss, a nice delivery. Drilled down to long-off, a misfield, rather understandable with these wet conditions. Two anyway easily made. 2 runs

42 off 18, an average of 14 an over. Pant on strike. Laughlin

End of Over 3 29 runs This Over (14 runs)

2.6 4 Unadkat to Maxwell 134 kph, four more. Three dots and three boundaries. Very predictable again, full and wide, but inside the tramline. Maxwell slices over point for four. That was a good comeback from the batsman after losing his shape. FOUR

46 off 19

2.5 6 Unadkat to Maxwell that is maaaasive! Wheee goes the ball over long-on. It’s a 116 kph offcutter outside off, and by now it’s predictable. Maxwell shuffles across, gets underneath the length and says not every ball, mate. Pummeled over long-on. SIX
2.4 4 Unadkat to Maxwell 136 kph, it’s full and wide again, may have been a wide had Maxwell left that alone. Maxwell swings, gives the ball everything he has. A thick outside edge flies over short third man. FOUR
2.3 0 Unadkat to Maxwell three wide deliveries, three dots! A full and wide delivery that is brilliantly bowled. Inside the tramline. Maxwell can’t get bat on ball again. no run
2.2 0 Unadkat to Maxwell 3 off 7 for Maxwell. That was right in the slot. He has just gotten off an airplane. Full outside off, it’s in the hitting arc and Maxwell misses his slog again. no run

Ananth: “Very short games favor batting sides too much. It can be compensated somewhat by limiting the number of wickets the batting team is allowed to lose. For example, in all games less than 10 overs, the team should be allowed to lose only as many wickets as overs. In this game, if DD lost 6 wickets, they should be considered all out.” Like a Super Over!

2.1 0 Unadkat to Maxwell a swing and miss! A very wide delivery outside off, Maxwell walks across, looking to heave into the leg side. The ball is too wide to drag. Wrong shot selection. no run

56 off 24. The Powerplay overs are done.

End of Over 2 15 runs This Over (5 runs)

1.6 1 Kulkarni to Maxwell terrific bowling. A full, straight delivery is hit away to mid-off for one. Excellent end to the Powerplay. 1 run
1.5 0 Kulkarni to Maxwell oh my. That’s right in the arc. A short offcutter on middle and leg. Maxwell attempts a ramp over short fine leg, but shuffles across and is through his shot too early. Goes over leg stump no run
1.4 1 Kulkarni to Pant excellent bowling again. The offcutter with the wet ball is a brave ball. To get some cut and flummox the batsman is even more impressive. Pant is too early into the shot, toe-ended to the keeper. 1 run
1.3 0 Kulkarni to Pant full delivery outside off, it’s absolutely belted to mid-off for no run. Smashed. no run

MikeB: “Don’t know why Colin Munro was shaking his head as he walked off. Even in a shortened “smash and run” game, there was never a single there and Maxi said “No” almost instantly.”

1.3 1 Kulkarni to Pant a very wide delivery outside off, called a wide. 1 wide

atif: “will the new rule applied. bowlers can bowl 2 ov each. means 3 bowlers to be used” Correct.

1.2 1 Kulkarni to Maxwell excellent bowling. Maxwell is backing away, Dhawal follows him with a very full delivery. Almost a yorker. The ball hits the back leg, one leg bye. 1 run


Rajasthan Royals Squad Delhi Daredevils Squad

Ankit Sharma,

Anureet Singh,

Jofra Archer,

Stuart Binny,

Aryaman Birla,

Jos Buttler,

Dushmantha Chameera,

Prashant Chopra,

Shreyas Gopal,

Krishnappa Gowtham,

Dhawal Kulkarni,

Ben Laughlin,

Mahipal Lomror,

Sudhesan Midhun,

Ajinkya Rahane,

Sanju Samson,

Jatin Saxena,

Steven Smith,

Ben Stokes,

Rahul Tripathi,

Jaydev Unadkat,

Zahir Khan,

Abhishek Sharma,

Avesh Khan,

Trent Boult,

Daniel Christian,

Gautam Gambhir,

Sayan Ghosh,

Gurkeerat Singh Mann,

Shreyas Iyer,

Sandeep Lamichhane,

Manjot Kalra,

Glenn Maxwell,

Amit Mishra,

Mohammed Shami,

Chris Morris,

Colin Munro,

Shahbaz Nadeem,

Naman Ojha,

Rishabh Pant,

Harshal Patel,

Kagiso Rabada,

Jason Roy,

Vijay Shankar,

Prithvi Shaw,

Rahul Tewatia,

Jayant Yadav,

6th Match Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils 11 April Live

6th Match Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils 11 April Live

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